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Spyman was Johnny Chance, an espionage who worked for an organization called Liberty that had it’s headquarters hidden 6 storied beneath the Statue of Liberty.

On one mission he had to disarm an atomic bomb that had been built by enemy agents, while he was successful in defusing the bomb the radioactive detonator went off in his hand.

Taken back to the command center Liberty was able to save his life, but not his hand. Liberty then took the opportunity to fit him with a device they called an “electro-robot hand” which was a mechanical hand configured to be stronger than a normal hand, as well has having an array other abilities such as taking pictures, recording sound, shooting flame or a “black light” ray. He also had a belt of extra fingers with other abilities.

Given the code-name Spyman he then went back in the field to face a number of bizarre opponents for the 3 issue run of his existence.

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