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Spyderr was a six armed villain used as a pawn by The Master to battle the heroes created by The H-Dial.  Like many of the Master's creations, Spyderr was very talkative and usually announced when he was making an attack. During  a confrontation in one of The Master's cavern villain factories, The H-Dialers, Chris King (In the guise of Trouble Clef) & Vicki Grant (In the guise of Venus The Flying Trap),  battled Spyderr along with other Master created villains, Cableman, Aurora, Serpentina, Metalliferro, Solar Dynamo, Blue Damsel Fly, Titaness, Trojan & Darkstar.    
During this battle he was able to put Trouble Clef in a bearhug after Cableman wrapped a cable around the hero's neck but was thwarted when Trouble Clef was able to snap the cable.  
Spyderr, along with Cableman were possibly killed when the giant Titaness was hit by a deflected blast from The Blue Damsel Fly, causing her to fall and squish them.



Spyderr possessed six powerful arms which he used in a bearhug fashion to squeeze the air from his opponent. It is unknown if Spyderr had other spider related powers as he was taken out of action before he had a chance to do anything other than the bearhug.

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