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Brief History

Spyder was a slave trader whom wanted to collect his 'belongings', including the pop-singer Lila Cheney, whom was also the girlfriend of Sam Guthrie, the New Mutant known as Cannonball. Spyder had won Lila's ownership when he bankrupted her previous caretaker and thus asumed everything the owner had was now him, including human beings. He send out a group of demons to get Lila. Sam and his New Mutant teammates however fought of the demons, but could not prevent Lila from being taken by Spyder's creatures. When Spyder saw the New Mutants and their abilities when they tried to save Lila, he wanted them for himself. He made sure that the New Mutants, along with one of his slaves Gossamyr, could find him. They where then captured by him. The New Mutants however managed to free themselves and save Lila and Gosamyr. However when the team wanted to attack and defeat Spyder, the New Mutant called Magik signaled her friends that they had to leave now or perhaps could never again leave because her teleport powers where fading. The New Mutants left and returned to earth, leaving a baffled Spyder alone. He was not heard from again.

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