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Spuckler Boach is the scruffy, peglegged rouge who aids Akiko on her many quests. Made in the Han Solo mold he is a fearless pilot and fighter with a strong survival instinct. He is a good natured inhabitant of the planet Smoo where he raises Bropka lizards.    


Created by Mark Crilley who writes and illustrates all his own work and publishes via Sirius Entertainment. While Akiko as a comic covers 52 issues her adventures moved into the realm of the novel with several stories carrying on her odyssey in that format. Spuckler fills the the gap of the hero and driving force that gets the job done. 

Character Evolution

Spuckler is a rouge and hero right from the start he also has a tendency not to think and charge right in. In the later episodes he travels to his old family home and we see a more tender side of the man as well how he deals with the loss of his parents..  

Major Story Arcs 

In her first adventure Akiko is whipped off to Planet Smoo to rescue the missing prince. She meets her crew of intrepid helpers and journey around Smoo to find their target.  
In an epic journey they travel Smoo in order to rescue the young prince from the evil Alia Rellapor. Along the way they make some wonderful friends including: Queen Pwip and P.Q. Goybi. They also face many trials and Loza Throck a business acquaintance of Spuckler who has some secrets of his own.
After only a short break Spuckler aids Mr. Beeba on his quest for the Bornstone's Elixir. 
Later she and Mr. Beeba help defend Spuckler's family home from destruction.


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