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Lawrence "Crusher" Crock was one of the finest athletes in the world, excelling at any sport he cared to try. Crock was so obsessed by winning that he would do almost anything to win, no matter how unsporting or brutal he had to be. Finally, after he permanently crippled an opponent during a professional football game, Crock found himself banned from all sports. It was at this time that he decided to use his sporting and athletic abilities for crime.

Disguised as the leader of a "Mystery" Polo team he tried to rob the spectators of the Polo match. However, he and his accomplices were thwarted by Alan Scott (the original Green Lantern).

The Sportsmaster is one of the more obscure villians in the DC Universe.

At the end of that battle it appeared that Crock had accidentally fallen to his death, but sometime later he returned as the Sportsmaster, determined once again to use his abilities for crime. Setting explosives at several Gotham City sporting events, Sportsmaster demanded ransom money of he would trigger them causing death and carnage. He was eventually captured by Green Lantern and sent to prison.

Escaping from Prison, Crock joined the Injustice Society and battled the JSA. One of his fellow team members was the Huntress and the two eventually married, becoming a criminal team. He planned their robberies, and she would capture any heroes who tried to interfere. It took the combined efforts of Black Canary and Starman ( Ted Knight) to thwart them.

Sportsmaster and Huntress were a constant thorn in the JLA's side, even setting up a baseball game against the heroes, in which he was the pitcher. The married villians were a formidable team and would argue when Huntress revealed that she wanted to be on the opposite side of the law. They had a daughter Artemis Crock, that eventually became the third Huntress.

The Council recognized his natural talent and abilities and after his death he was cloned as use for as their special enforcers. The Sportsmaster clones proved to be effective.

Victor Gover, the new Sportsmaster

Victor Gover

A former football player who was cut off for having the Metahuman gene, Victor Gover, like his predecessor, turned to a life of crime. After attacking the Manhunter and being defeated he was drafted into Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad. There, he was one one of the few survivors in a failed mission. It was also revealed that he possessed photographic reflexes.

The new Sportsmaster continued his life of crime like many of the 'reformed' Suicide Squad.

Victor took part in Amos Fortune's scheme with The Gambler and The Wizard, where he was known as The Sportsman. The plan was to destroy the JSA using the Wizard as a focusing point for the 'luck magics' - a.k.a. stellaration energy - in order to destroy the JSA ortune was using Wildcat as his mind-controlled pawn (who is growing stronger with each victory over a JSA member via the stellaration energy).

They held the fights in a underground arena, and were making major money from the fights, Gover acted as announcer. Once the plan was foiled, he was easily defeated by Vixen.

Gover showed up again, taking on Wildcat in a fight and losing, betting on himself. Wildcat taking it upon himself to injure Sportsmaster badly, fracturing his nose, attempting to force him to quit, calling him washed-up and that his now mild sports gimmick and weaponry hasn't aged well with the current times.

Showing remarkable sportsmanship after being beaten by Wildcat, Gover admitted he had a really bad gambling problem and owed the local mob 500 large for his loss against Wildcat.

Sportsmaster revealed a illegal booking operation to Wildcat, personally escorting him, where people would place bets on heroes and villains in fights. Wildcat attempted to help him and the pair even became friends. The mob then kidnapped Ma Hunkel, and placed all the house's money on Gover in a handicapped match against the entire JSA. The JSA would be forced to lose to ensure Ma's safety and Victor's debt would be cleared.

The new Sportsmaster showed off and bragged as he 'beat' the JSA, once Ma was saved, the JSA quickly dispatched him and Wildcat took him to the alley where it all began, Gover admitted he even bet on himself again, Wildcat then beat him and forced him to retire as a supervillain and check into gambling rehab. As Wildcat walked off, Vic thanked him.

Another person calling himself Sportsmaster joined a group called The Army of the Endangered. He met his demise very quickly once joining. It is unknown if this was Victor Gover, who healed from his encounter with Wildcat or a completely new individual whose criminal career was cut short.

New 52

Sportsmaster appears in Batman Inc. #4 wearing his Young Justice costume

Alternate Versions


For more information see: Flashpoint

Sportsmaster is an inmate of the Hall of Doom Prison. When Heatwave and Plastic man try to break out, Sportmaster comes along. After getting his gear back, Sportsmaster and the rest of the prisoners learn that Heatwave's plan is to fly the Hall into Detroit City. Plasticman has a change of heart and tries to stop him. Sportsmaster is one of the guys that tries to stop Plasticman, but Plasticman rips out Sportsmanster's heart. Sportsmaster dies on the floor as Plastic man says, "everyone knows Sportsmaster has no heart."

Powers and Abilities

Both Sportsmasters were ex-athletes and retained their natural talent in athleticism, which was their main ability. Using their natural agility, strength and knowledge of sports to their advantage. They both were on par with Olympic athletes,

Crusher Crock was a normal human, whereas Victor Gover had photographic reflexes. A unique ability to perfectly mimic anyone's movements from watching them, If he was to fight someone and lose the first time, Vic would have a unnatural advantage the next fight, being able to read his opponent then memorize and mimic their movements, as well as being mentally prepared.


Both Sportsmasters using a wide variety of sports themed weapons. Exploding basketballs, nonstop bouncing basketballs, smoke golf balls, flying baseball bases, golf clubs, exploding hockey pucks. Crock's were more mild compared to Vic's spiked baseballs, fiery hockey sticks, spiked baseball bats, footballs implanted with razor blades and baseball gloves with long sharp nails to name a few.

Their outfits usually consisted of a mixture of various sports attire such as football padded pants, spiked cleats, golfing gloves, pitcher's chest guard, a pitcher's mask or a unique, odd looking handkerchief mask, and sometimes jerseys.

Other Media


Justice League Unlimited
Brave and the Bold

Sportsmaster has appeared in Justice League Unlimited, Batman: The Brave and the Bold and as The Sportsman in Justice League.

Young Justice

Sportsmaster in Young Justice

Sportsman appears in the Young Justice episode "Drop Zone", working alongside the Cult of Kobra to deliver enhanced Venom, but was stopped by the Young Justice. He later appears in the episode "Targets" where he is show working for the League of Assassins under Ra's Al Ghul. He was hired by Ghul to assassinate Lex Luthor, however it is shown at the end of the episode that it was set up as Ghul & Luthor are working together. As the series progresses, he is revealed to be the ex-husband of Paula Brooks and the father of Artemis and Cheshire.

In season 2, Sportsmaster is dismissed from the Light after trying to kill Black Manta, whose son Kaldur killed Artemis. Sportsmaster is nearly killed by his replacement, Deathstroke, but escapes with Cheshire's aid.

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