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Home Run King... Or Heel?

This is the story of Lew Andrews, the swatting home run king of the majors who was hated by the fans! It's the inside story, told, not by a newspaper man or an outsider, but by the man who knew him best...


He stepped from the mats of college wrestling to the rings of the professionals... from a game that was a sport to something that was a... Strange-Hold!

A Matter Of Punch! (Text Only Story)

Flash In The Pan!

Tom Dorgan's father sacrificed everything to make his dream come true... to see his son blaze across the sports headlines of the nation! To old man Dorgan, Tom was a coming star, but to the rest of the baseball world he was a... Flash in the Pan!

Too Hot To Handle

They burned the dust of the tracks, these hot-rod racers who defied space and time in their quest for thrills, chills and spills! But behind the roar of the crowd is heartbreak and courage... all part of the picture of America's newest and most thrilling sport!







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