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The Split-Second Squad is a group of aliens that are specifically trained to stop interdimensional alien invasions on Earth. Every twenty years, the Earth aligns with the aliens dimension and the team is sent to fight them. With the aid of a device called the Thinktank they are able to predict when a dimensional portal will open and where it will be.
Since there is such a large gap in between invasion times, most members have never seen a portal open or faced the aliens on the other side.
The main base of operations for the team is located in upstate New York, under the college known as Mount Syber U. All members blend in by posing as students or teachers.




Battle Suit

Every member is equipped with a battle suit. It gives them life support functions, increased protection and anti-gravity boots. 
The helmet is cybernetic and can be uses with a thought. It also contains communication devices to keep the squad in touch with one another, specifically important if a portal is about to close.




The main arm of the Squad is a plasma rifle. It is capable of firing powerful blasts and standard 9mm bullets. 
Members are able to bring other weapons of their choosing. Most members carry bladed weapons.
The Squad is also equipped with tanks and driving vehicles that also have advanced technology.

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