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The Troubleshooters are no more. It's a new start for Jenny Swensen. How will she do without her friends to back her up? It's a new direction for the hero known as Spitfire.


After the incident where he almost killed Steel Hawk, Eduardo decided to destroy his Strong-Arms once and for all, lest he accidentally lose control. Meanwhile, the victim of his rage languished in a Scandinavian hospital, apparently with dozens of broken bones and brain damage, though his fellow freedom fighter, Varna, refused to believe this...

As those events unfolded, Edmund Roth was pulling out all the stops in his attempt to recruit Jenny Swensen for the government. This effort included the use of a computer generated video recording of her late father, a recording that urged her to help the government use M.A.X. technology for the good of America (despite the fact that he'd hated military intelligence in general).

Thinking about it, Jenny boarded a plane for home, riding with the enigmatic Jake Travest for the duration. Exchanging small talk for a time, the two were waylaid by the plane, which was headed for Afghanistan, not Boston. Angered at this, Jenny and Jake were told by Roth (via videotape) that they were being dropped to perform a mission vital to national security.

While in progress, Jake played along (actually being fully aware of the scope of Roth's plans), revealing to Jenny that the man had some hold over him, and that his memories weren't what you could call coherent. After Jenny began to sympathize with 'poor' Jake, the man jumped out of the plane at Roth's direction, and Jenny followed him to ensure that he didn't get himself killed in his mental state.

On the way down, Jenny decided to someday get even with Roth and his dirty agency, if she could manage to survive her trip to Asia. Upon landing, the two Americans were greeted by an Afghanistani rebel, an official contact that was to lead them to his fellow Mujahedin freedom fighters. Of course, things didn't go smoothly at all, as the trio were attacked!

The problem was, they weren't under attack by regular soldiers, they were assaulted by a man in a M.A.X. suit! WIth that, Jake revealed why the two of them were in Afghanistan: to verify that the Soviets had purchased the M.A.X. technology (if only the Mark 1 variety) from Fritz Krotze, in order to develop their army in new and terrifying ways!

After escaping one such pursuer, however, Jenny and Jake were assaulted by another M.A.X. suit...

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