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In the tragic aftermath of last issue brutal battle, the surviving members of the Troubleshooters seek revenge on the man that took the lives of their friends.


While in the hospital, Terry and Eduardo met Eric, and the two exchanged stories about how Steel Hawk was systematically taking them apart, first by mutilating poor Timothy, and then killing Andy outright. Yes, Tim survived the grenade blast, but the doctors treating him had to amputate both of his legs in order to save his life. Of course, the Troubleshooters vowed to get even with Steel Hawk.

Meanwhile, Jenny finally woke up, the drugs her captors had given her having wore off at last. She was greeted by a voice claiming that it wanted her M.A.X. technology, and she refused. With that, the strange thug known as Brick assaulted her, and the two fought until Brick was about to kill her. A short series of whistles stopped him from doing so, however.

The voice of her captor then told her to use the bits of M.A.X. tech handy to build something to protect her from Brick, lest he kill her for real when he returned in twelve hours. With that, Edmund Roth left Jennifer to her devices, watching her to see just what she would do in such a situation: would she give away her M.A.X. technology, or would she die to keep it a secret?

As Jenny's time ticked away, Terry was busy breaking into the F.B.I. criminal database, trying to find some clues as to the whereabouts of Steel Hawk, so the Troubleshooters could put him out of their misery once and for all. Knowing that he would eventually put in an appearance at a local health spa for a good rolfing, Terry and Eduardo left for the place at once.

Meanwhile, Jenny was dealing with the thuggish Brick, having devised a mere whistle to stop him, using the same tones that Roth had used in order to stop his assault earlier. Impressed by this, Roth told Jenny that she had passed his tests with flying colors, as he was impressed by her absolute refusal to give away her technology, even with her life at stake. He then offered her a job with the U.S. government.

Elsewhere, Terry and Giotti had managed to track down Steel Hawk, and Giotti set upon him like nobody's business. Unprepared for the assault, the Hawk was severely wounded in the assault on his life, having had several bones broken by Eduardo's Strong-Arms M.A.X. suit before a masked woman appeared and shot him all up.

Luckily, his metal suit managed to deflect most of the bullets...

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