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Jenny takes her fight with Krotze public and draws the attention of a psychotic killer.

Note: This issue is one of superstar artist Todd McFarlane's earliest works.


Having already captured Fritz Krotze, Steel Hawk went after his chief minion, Faylen (the guy that had run the Behemoth tank in that mission against Swensen). Of course, Steel Hawk didn't actually need Mister Faylen alive or anything, so after leading him on a merry chase throughout Albany, Steel Hawk killed the poor man with a car bomb.

Meanwhile, Jenny Swensen appeared before a United States Senate hearing (in her M.A.X. armor), detailing to a committee looking into Krotze International what Krotze had done to her and her father, and handed over the disk she'd seized earlier. You know, the disk detailing Krotze's dealings with the Club, that international group of thugs?

After seeing this on television, Steel Hawk beat Krotze to death with a steel baseball bat, in an effort to frame Swensen for his murder. This was, of course, because she'd vowed to 'give him what he deserved' as soon as he showed himself. The Steel Hawk then dumped Krotze's body in the Charles River, and waited for the police to find the body.

Days later, Jenny and the Troubleshooters attended a dinner held by Senator Hurt, the man behind the Krotze investigations, where she demonstrated to the press just what her M.A.X. suit could really do. It was then that Eric found a bomb that Steel Hawk had planted on the facilities, a bomb that Jenny managed to stop from detonating at the last minute.

Of course, this was part of Steel Hawk's plan to draw her out, and once she came looking for him, he started taking her armor apart with his advanced ordinance. Of course, it was the big ol' grenade that finally flattened the M.A.X. armor, and while Steel Hawk gloated over the ruined armor, Jenny crushed his ankle with her remaining power.

Steel Hawk tried to kill her for that, but he was out of ammo, having expended it all while flailing in pain from the crushing that Jenny gave his leg. He then fled the scene, as the cops were descending upon the area in force, only to miss the last part of his plan taking shape: Jenny was immediately arrested for Krotze's murder, as the cops had finally found his body...

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