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Continued from Star Brand #2. In order to save the life of her friend, can Jenny and the Spitfire battle armor defeat the ebony behemoth known as the Death Tank?!


Jenny and one of the Troubleshooters (Andy) made for Parker's Hill, New Hampshire, just across the border from Massachusetts, where the two techies began to break down the Mark 2 M.A.X. suit to see how it ticked. During these tests, Jenny spotted a truck full of drunken hunters drive over a cliff nearby.

Using an electromagnetic clamp, she snagged the truck before it could topple all the way down the cliff face, though the drunken men told a bunch of reporters all about it. Local media, after Jenny's rescue of that child in the well, jumped all over the story, revealing their approximate location to anybody that was looking for her. A body like Krotze, for instance.

Professor Jenny Swensen regretted the media coverage, after being warned to keep her suit under wraps by Star Brand, but it couldn't have been helped, considering the circumstances. Of course, Jenny would soon come to regret that news blurb, as Krotze was about to send something really big her way, another weapon of devastating power...

Meanwhile, the rest of the Troubleshooters were busy adapting the M.A.X. technology in new and innovative ways. Giotti, for instance, had developed a sort of harness he called 'Strongarms', that allowed him to perpetrate great feats of strength. For instance, he could easily crush an iron ball bearing 4 inches in diameter.

Knowing that Krotze was going to try something, the Troubleshooters broke into Krotze's research facility, where Giotti wound up getting caught by Krotze security, shortly before a train carrying a deadly payload left the facility towards New Hampshire. The others followed the train (containing Giotti as well) to its final destination, where they finally spotted the new weapon.

It was a tank. A really big, black, glossy tank that Krotze had apparently developed for the U.S. defense department. And he was using it to get Jenny Swensen and her M.A.X. suit back, once and for all. Even though she knew it was a trap, Jenny put on the armor in order to rescue Giotti, after the other Troubleshooters got together with her and warned her of his plight.

While Jenny distracted the Behemoth tank, the four free Troubleshooters managed to liberate their impulsive pal. Once he was free and clear, Jenny managed to spot and clip the wire guide that controlled the unmanned tank and sever it. While it was helpless, she pitched it over the cliffside that started this whole mess, and decided to go after Krotze herself...

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