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A long time ago, an Egyptian Shaman was killed worshiping the Nommo, the gods of the Mind Sea. Upset with what happend,
Heru,  the Spirit of Justice
the gods decided to reincarnate the Shaman by using the head god's Heru soul to go around to collect souls of men and women, who would use the" Spirit of Justice" to empower them and fight evil. 
 After years of going from person to person, the Spirit of Justice finally was able to fight crime in his own way when Paul Johnstone passed away and he was able to enter into a robotic body.
Calling himself Justice, The Spirit of Justice went on a crime killing spree, attacking and killing many people, until he was stopped by New Man.

 Eddie, the Chosen One
He then entered into Eddie Collins, the Chosen One, where he has remain since, giving him abilities like super strength,agility and speed, and giving him armor to fight in when he wears the Helmet of Heru.


The Spirit of Justice grants the user enhanced strength, agility, and fighting skills. In some cases, it has been shown to give the user a new uniform based around Heru's look. All users of the Spirit also get glowing red eyes.
Resembles a Hawk

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