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An alien from the planet Solon, where the inhabitants reproduce asexually like amoebas, Spinnerette was sent to hunt for the metal indium to repair her crew's spaceship. She stumbled across a camp of homeless men and they attacked her. She used her psionic powers to repel the assailants. One of the homeless men named Archie had a watch and it had indium components which attracted Spinnerette. It soon became apparent that her species became drunk when in a high-oxygen atmosphere and she was tricked into helping Archie and his friends steal jewelry. This lead the Fantastic Four to intercept her, Spinnerete used her psi-powers to hurt the Invisible Woman, and Franklin Richards struck Spinnerette with a telekinetic blast. The homeless men escaped with her, and the Fantastic Four found that Spinnerette had "paid" for all the jewels with coins from her homeworld. The Fantastic Four soon found her, and Invisible woman encased Spinnerette in an air-tight force field which cut off her supply of oxygen, clearing her head. When they discovered that she needed indium, Mr. Fantastic gave her a large box of the metal and sent her and her crew home.


Psionic Gravity Control: All of the inhabitants of Solon possess psionic powers. Spinnerette can psionically alter gravity, an ability she used to maintain normal gravity inside her ship during space flights.
Psionic Blasts: By focusing her psionic power into blasts, she creates a  mental energy beam that disrupts gravity around her target, causing extreme vertigo.

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