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Quiet and mysterious, Spinister prefers to work from the shadows in both combat and in rising the Decepticon ranks. He wields two Nebulan guns called Singe and Hairsplitter that can join together to form a powerful weapon.

Spinisters Death

Spinister was recruited to the reformed Mayhem Attack Squad, by Snarler, for the purpose of hunting down the Decepticon traitors and former squad members, Carnivac and Catilla . Spinister and the other squad members tracked them both to Mexico where they murdered Catilla with Carnivac swearing revenge upon them.
After several missions on Cybertron, the Mayhem Attack Squad returned to Earth to continue their hunt for Carnivac. Knowing that Carnivac would seek them out in revenge of his friends death it was decided to build an easily defendable base on a tropical island. They didn't have to wait long has Carnivac showed up and made quick work of dispaching Needlenose and Snarler before killing Spinister.

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