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Spike was hired by Elijah to protect his drug lab under the Mojave Desert. It is unclear how Spike got his powers.

Major Story Arcs

Brightest Day: Villains for Hire

When Deathstroke and his team of Titans break into Elijah's lab, the first order Deathstroke gives is for Arsenal to find Chritof Brockman, the kidnapped child the team came to find. Arsenal reluctantly obeys, which makes him absent when Spike and the Dominators ambush the rest of the team.

Elijah's first order to Spike is to "Fetch me the other one and bring his head on a platter." Spikes only response, "Back in a Sec, ya'll" Spike finds Arsenal in the harvesting chamber, where Elijah is harvesting children for his designer drug, Bliss, and Spike wastes no time attacking. He slashes Arsenal in the back, breaks his staff and throws his quills at the would be rescuer.

This is when Arsenal uses his super human reflexes to catch the quills and throw them back at Spike, knocking him off balance. He then kicks Spike into the power supply shutting down the harvester. He then leaves Spike lying unconscious and after that Spike's fate is unknown.


  • Enhanced Tracking
  • Razor Claws
  • Super human Strength
  • Razor sharp Quills on his back that can be removed and thrown.

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