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Tom Hallaway was a hero who served on the All Star Squadron, The Young All-Stars, and Freedom Fighters. He was tired of seeing criminals harassing and murdering honest citizens, so he adopted the identity of The Spider to battle these criminals. Dressed in a yellow shirt and blue shorts, he fought crime armed with an ordinary bow and arrows, his special car called The Black Widow, and the assistance of his loyal valet Chuck. He also had a special arrow he called the "Spider's Seal", which had a flat disc on the end he shot at thugs' hands to disarm them.

The Spider later appeared a few times in the pages of All-Star Squadron and The Young All-Stars, but only in a cameo roles. As a Quality Comics character, he was among the heroes who went with Uncle Sam to protect Earth-X during World War II, and joining the Freedom Fighters. This was the storyline that introduced most of the Quality Comics' characters to the DC Universe.


This Tom Ludlow Hallaway did not become the Spider to be a hero, but rather because he was a smuggler, kidnapper and murderer who disguised himself as a superhero to help him eliminate the competition. Though originally based in St. Louis, Missouri, he is a member of the Ludlow clan from New England. The family inadvertently ran up against The Shade, a near immortal and sometimes-villain from the Golden Age.

This Spider was a member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory (also known as The Law's Legionnaires). The Crisis on Infinite Earths had erased the Golden Age Green Arrow and Speedy from existence, and the Spider helped fill the void in the team.

During the final case of the Seven Soldiers, the Spider betrayed them to their old enemy, the Iron Hand (who had created the cosmic menace known as the Nebula Man). The Spider killed the Vigilante's friend Billy Gunn, but was stopped by the Crimson Avenger's partner Wing, who went on to save the day against the Nebula Man (though at the cost of his own life).

With the only people who knew him to be a criminal presumed dead, the Spider continued his pretense of being a hero. He became Keystone City's hero-in-residence after the Flash retired in 1950, but it was only a matter of time until the Shade caught up to him. The Spider had been planning to face the Shade for a long time and had a plan to defeat the immortal. He had saved fragments and shreds of the Shade's shadow substance, intending to plant them at the scene of a double murder, that of Jay Garrick (the Golden Age Flash) and his wife Joan. The Spider hoped to lessen the Shade's power by keeping him captive near a roaring fireplace, but the added light only increased the shadows, and the Shade created arrow-casting monsters that shot the Spider dead with shadow arrows.

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