What happened to her book?

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First off, I used to not be a big fan of Spider-Woman, but lately I've started to like her and I've been trying to find more recent titles about her other then New Avengers, I know of her Origins book, but I was wondering about her most recent title where she's an Agent of S.W.O.R.D., was it a mini-series or was it an ongoing that just got canceled? Can anyone help explain what happened to her book, please?

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Are you kidding me....sorry Mods, could one of you please move this to the Spider-Woman forums....

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@War Killer: As far as I know it's only running til issue 7 than it's over, probably bad sales.
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@War Killer: It became to much of a hassle to make both the motion comics and a regular book so it got discontinued, but Jess will show up again in the Avengers
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i was under the impression as well it was only intended to run until 7, being where the sister motion comic story ends.
Bendis is now busy with something else, a creator owned book called Scarlet. i assume though am not sure that she was intended to
join the S.W.O.R.D. book that got shelved.

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Oh yeah, I forgot about Bendis' Scarlet book. Sucks still though, I mean I know Marvel wants to get their Super Heroines out in the spotlight, Like Black Widow, Marvel Girls, ect. But looking at where I'm coming from, which would also effect thoughs who are just getting into comics, a new reader (in a sense for myself I mean) trying to learn about a character I know little to nothing about is hard since none of the characters have their own titles to show us who they really are, I know she'll be in Avengers, which I am looking forward too, but that book will be about a group of heroes, so we won't get to dive into these characters minds and see what makes them tick.
Sorry, this is turning more into a rant then I planned on it being (oops). But anyways, Thanks for clearing this up for me guys! :)

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@War Killer said:
" Are you kidding me....sorry Mods, could one of you please move this to the Spider-Woman forums.... "
If I have to... :P
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@Nobody: Thanks :P

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