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I was wondering about the Spider-Woman: Origin mini that retconned some of Spider-Woman's origin and major portions of her history. Did the events in Spider-Woman vol 1 #50 and Avengers vol 1 #240-241 still happen? Or are those events that never happened? 



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I don't think Spider-Woman: Origin was really a retcon. I don't think the events in it changed current continuity at all were just a re-imagining of her origin.

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yeah I'm pretty sure Origins was just like giving her a new history of how she got her powers, but other than that I think everything stays the same!

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I would guess they still happened, as Tigra appears in Drew's memories of her past a lot. And only connection they had was around that time when she died and when Tigra asked Avengers help to bring her back to life, after that they worked together for a while too.


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