Spider-Woman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Guaranteed, Sony is not gonna simply let go of Spider-Man so he can go back to Marvel Studios. However, there is one thing I'm curious about: Does Sony even have the rights to Spider-Woman? Technically speaking, Jessica Drew is not exactly a true member of the Spider-Man universe or continuity, as her origins are derived from HYDRA and SHIELD, and  not anything related to Peter Parker himself. Also, Sony has made no attempt to include Jessica in any Spider-Man film so far. None of you can probably answer this, but does Marvel Studios still own the rights to Spidey's female counterpart? Do you think she should be included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Could this be an image of the near future for Marvel Studios films?
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it's not an IMPOSSIBILITY, though I wouldn't expect it anytime soon. ;)

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Spider-Woman is not apart of the Spider-Man group. Sony has the rights to the Spider-Man universe [Spidey and his cast of friends and villains] and since Jessica is not apart of that universe she can appear in any future Avengers movies if they wish to include her.

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I'd love to see her in her own film, or with The Avengers.

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they should introduce her in the avengers, as agent jessica drew. there could be a scene where her case file says codename: spiderwoman.

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I don't know, her Ultimate Universe counterpart might void that, given that she's a clone of Peter to explain her Spider powers there. Then again, maybe they're actually noted as different characters in the contract.

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i want a sleek black shield version of this
or an iron man style of this one

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I think Skye from Agents of SHIELD will turn out to be Jessica Drew and later become Spider-Woman.

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I would like to see her join the ranks one day. Became a fan of her during the New Avengers run when she stabbed Wolverine with his own claw.

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