Skrulls and her powers.

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So did the Skrulls actually enhance her powers even though they were just going to replace her with the Skrull Queen? Seems kinda odd, I thought that they just promised to enhance her powers in order to get her into their hands. Unless they could only copy her powers exactly so they enhanced her powers and then had the Queen duplicate her....anyone have any thoughts?

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She's Bendis' favorite, so she gets to stay the way she was, power wise, even though that wasn't really her. Bendis' favorite is all you need to explain that, and the reason why she was so important in secret invasion, and the reason why she's still on the Avengers, and the reason she's getting her own web comic. Nepotism in full effect....

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she did get an upgrade at one point, but it wasnt relevant to the Skrulls. though so far, Elektra and Mockingbird are shown to be primed, having dealt with being captives, as well as being forced to fight constantly so the Skrulls could study them. Possible
Spider-Woman would have picked up some new tricks as well, but it doesnt show if its there if you ask me.

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can spider-woman emit those pheromes Vernake did??

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