She's not suppose to have her powers as I recall

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When Hydra promised Jessica that they would give her powers back, the Queen of the Skrulls replaced her after Drew went unconscious.  So, right there at that moment the new Spider-Woman was born (Skrull) and the original was never given her powers back.  Yet, in the Spider-Woman ongoing series, written by Bendis -- Jessica Drew has her powers again?  Did I miss something?
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It could be that for the Skrull Queen to perfectly take Jessica's powers, memories and such they needed to reactivate the powers within Jessica herself. That's how I see it.

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@Closure said:
written by Bendis "
There's your answer.
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@Nobody said:
" @Closure said:
written by Bendis "
There's your answer. "

Oh lol.  I like the book actually its just the power explanation made my brain itch
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The Skrulls gave her her power back. Not Hydra. It's in that same book that scan came from. In order to take her powers, they most likely gave her powers back. Veranke didn't gain her powers through Hydra.

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