Jessica and Julia as Spider-Woman

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Let my first say I'm not a comic I may be off base here.  I am also new to ComicVine (great site!)  I'm hoping someone can clear this up for me:

I was searching for all Spider-Woman titles, and noticed that the 4-issue 1993 Spider-Woman volume was not listed as a Spider-Woman volume.  I know that Julia Carpenter was the woman in that book, and would later become Julia/Arachne.  I was told by a moderator that the 1993 series could not be listed under Spider-Woman because it's Julia, and not Jessica.  The 1993 volume should only appear under books that belong to Arachne.

But I know Julia is considered the second Spider-Woman.  Both the Spider-Woman and Arachne comicvine page makes mention of it.

Now, take a look at Robin.  If you look at the volumes under which Robin appears, you see volumes that have Dick, Jason, and Tim, none of them are excluded.  Dick later becomes Nightwing, but his time as Robin is still associated under the Robin character page.  

So here's my question.  Please correct me if I am wrong.  Shouldn't volumes where Julia was Spider-Woman be associated under Spider-Woman volumes?  I fail to see the difference between various Robins and various Spider-Womans (women?)  If you don't associate the 1993 volume with Spider-Woman, wouldn't have to exclude any volume from the Robin page that has the person now known as Nightwing?


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There's been some arguments over things like these over the past week, i don't know if we're getting somewhere , but the difference in this case as i see it is that the various Robins has their own page and the Robin page is more of a concept page, but the Spider-woman page refers specifically to Jessica Drew.
Now, if Julia Carpenter also has her own page i don't see the reason why the issues she appears in shouldn't be linked to her.


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