Her Costume...

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Has it ever changed!!
Art by Michael Turner
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I like it.
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It looks the same way it looked back in the late 70's when she first appeared.
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@papad1992: It's pretty terrific just the way it is.  
I looked around and didn't see too much change, aside from her first appearance in 1977 I see on the cover she had a very similar though not quite as sexy a look ,that included a hoodie.  heh. 
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I would love to see her get a new costume. I've never really liked that one. I think it's the red and yellow. Those just don't look good together to me. At the same time, it is iconic and I'm sure I'd miss it eventually.

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That's what I'm saying.... her costume has never (really) changed!! In some ways it still looks great!! (Depends on the artist)
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Beyond artistic interpretation no it hasn't really changed. And I like that about her.

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@papad1992 said:

Has it ever changed!!
Art by Michael Turner
I'll give her one thing, Jessica looks fine!
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Yeah... I mean she's one of a few characters whose costume has really never changed!! Which is cool because that means that the artist hit the mark straight on back then!!
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Kinda like Spiderman's in how it really hasn't changed over the years. And I think it is fantastic that way.

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Amazing Spider-man #659
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I like it, maybe i hope it doesn't change

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She's too hot to have her costume changed.

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There are two versions of costumes of the original Spider-Woman one with the skull cap and the other with the ever-flowing hair by Infantino.



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