Future of spider-woman

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Having read the last couple of stories in the Avengers assemble and the teaming up in Captain Marvel. Are the writers moving towards her having a relationship with the Hulk/ Bruce Banner?

Also with her having broken up with Hawkeye (finally), do we think there will be any ramifications of this? Like will one of them take a lesser role in the avengers. Also the most recent Avengers Assemble was hinting at something else that might influence her thinking.

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A romantic relationship between the Hulk and Spider-Woman would be very difficult in the long run. It seems that Kelly Sue likes this pairing. Although Peter Parker and Jessica Drew would be a better combination than Jessica Drew and Bruce Banner.

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well bruce does need a new love interest with betty leaving him and his other wives dead so why not spider woman. Although i would like her and peter to have a thing

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Peter's dead right now.So Bruce

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