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The Spider-Woman takes her leave of S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Jerry Hunt. A scream brings Hunt face-to-face with the Needle. Hunt is paralyzed by the Needle's gaze, and suffers the same fate as the Needle's victim. Hunt's lips are sewn shut. The Spider-Woman returns home. The following morning, the Spider-Woman, as Jessica Drew, receives word of Hunt's assault. Drew visits Hunt in the hospital. Though Hunt demands Drew leave the matter alone, Drew makes plans to bring the Needle to justice. Drew finds her investigative skills lacking. Drew, as Spider-Woman, patrols the night, in search of the Needle. A scream attracts the Spider-Woman to the Needle's latest victim, but the Needle is nowhere to be found.

Hunt admonishes the Spider-Woman, as Drew, for going after the Needle alone. The Needle turns out to be an old tailor, who suffered a terrible mugging, one night, while returning home. In the hospital, a strange power manifested in the man who would become the Needle, endowing him with a paralytic gaze. Upon his release from the hospital, the old tailor sewed his Needle costume, then took to the streets, looking for revenge. Drew, as the Spider-Woman, and Hunt, patrol the streets, after dark, in search of the Needle. The Spider-Woman abandons Hunt, to search on her own. Hunt continueshis own search. Unbeknownst to Hunt, he is being stalked by the Needle. Hunt manages to get a shot off, before he falls prey, once again, to the Needle's paralytic gaze.

Hunt looks on in horror, as the Needle prepares to sew his lips shut again. Attracted by the gunshot, the Spider-Woman attacks the Needle. Astonishingly, the Needle is agile enough to elude her first volley. Her second bio-venom blast, though, seemingly brings him down. The Needle, though, is quick to recover, slashing through the Spider-Woman's glider wings with his needlelike sword. The Spider-Woman grapples with the Needle, only to fall prey to the Needle's paralytic gaze. Hunt looks on helplessly as the Needle rolls the Spider-Woman off of him, then prepares to sew her lips together. The Spider-Woman manages to get off one final bio-venom burst, which fells the Needle. With the Needle being led away by the authorities, Spider-Woman, as Drew, and Hunt, continue to build friction in their relationship.

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