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The astral form of Morgan Le Fay sends demons to fight Spider-Woman while Magnus, Spider-Woman's mentor, is bound to a chair. Morgan demands the book called the Darkhold from Magnus or else her demons will kill his protege. Reluctantly, Magnus tells her he'll send Spider-Woman for the tome. Mentally, Magnus sends her to Colden House where Jack Russell, who was the last to have possession of the book, lives. He also sends a psychic beacon to S.H.I.E.L.D.agent Jerry Hunt who is searching for clues to lead him to Jessica Drew, and suddenly, inexplicably, he knows where she is.

Spider-Woman finds Russell chained to the wall where he awaits his transformation to the Werewolf. She breaks his shackles and he changes and attacks her, choking her till she passes out. He then leaves Colden House and attacks a woman, but Spider-Woman revives and stuns him with a venom blast. Hunt sees her as she flies off carrying the Werewolf.

At Magnus' mansion, they strap the Werewolf to a table, and Morgan is about to steal his mind to learn where the Darkhold is, but Magnus attacks her in his astral form. Hunt enters during the battle which ends when Morgan reduces Magnus' mortal body to ashes. Now she need but contact her physical self through a time portal, and take the Werewolf and the secrets of the Darkhold back to her own time. Spider-Woman fires a venom blast through the aperture, dissolving Morgan's body. Suddenly, everything but Spider-Woman and the Werewolf get sucked through the vortex created by the portal. Spider-Woman turns to find Magnus and Hunt waiting for her. Her mentor explains he used the last of his magic to make it seem he and Hunt died, and let Spider-Woman take care of the rest. Magnus sends the Werewolf back where he belongs, as Spider-Woman and Hunt embrace and kiss.

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