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Spider-Woman regains consciousness, bound to a chair, in an old, abandoned house. Spider-Woman recalls the events leading to her captivity, by the Hangman. Spider-Woman easily breaks her bonds. Spider-Woman sees a reflection of herself, in the ceiling mirror. The reflection is of an aged Spider-Woman. The mirror shatters, but the shards of glass pass harmlessly through Spider-Woman. Suddenly, the furniture in the room begins careening towards Spider-Woman. Struck hard by a hassock, Spider-Woman is hurled into the wall, which she passes through, as if it were not there. Spider-Woman falls, seemingly forever, until she stops upon an enormous web.

The spectral image of S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Jerry Hunt, appears, and stabs her with a phantom blade. Unharmed by the blade, Spider-Woman becomes aware of the giant spider, slowly skittering down the web towards her. Charles Magnus has breakfast with his landlady, Priscilla Dolly. Spider-Woman's venom blast dispatches the spider. The spectral image of Jonathan Drew, Spider-Woman's father, appears. It strikes her and chases her into another room. A horrifically distorted version of Magnus appears, to assail Spider-Woman. "Magnus" pins Spider-Woman to the floor, then everything fades to black. A single lit torch leads Spider-Woman to a lower level of the house.

Spider-Woman walks between rows of open, upright coffins. In one of the coffins is a skeleton, wearing her costume. Suddenly, Spider-Woman is attacked by several empty suits of armor. As Spider-Woman defends herself against the armored suits, the room begins to fill with water. Spider-Woman uses one of the armored suits' swords to try to pry a stone from the wall, to escape. The tableau vanishes, and Spider-Woman, again, finds herself in a upper room of the Hangman's mansion. Spider-Woman finds Magnus bound to a chair. Morgan Le Fay reveals herself, ordering her guards, the Doomslayers, to execute Spider-Woman.







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