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Spider-Woman keeps watch over Jack Russell as he spends the night of the full moon chained and caged. She turns away for a minute while he howls, but when the cry is cut short, she sees he has vanished, just as Daddy Long Legs and Gypsy Moth did earlier.

Having found no clues, Jessica Drew and Lindsay McCabe return form L. A. to San Francisco, and Jessica spends the day with her boyfriend David Ishima. She gets a phone call about a job, and goes to meet her clients. They are Henry and Samantha Silk, foster parents of Mickey, a boy with a history of being in the vicinity of a series of mishaps. Samantha tells Jessica of the last time he was seen: At his high school baseball game, he hit a home run, becoming very excited. Then there were explosions and fire. Fearing for himself he ran away, was caught by the police and handcuffed, but managed to slip away again.

Now, Mickey, his wrists still cuffed, is on the run. He anxiously passes by a parade, and the marching band stumbles into a heap.

Elsewhere, Tigra arrives in San Francisco, and is about to stow her bag in a bus station locker, opening the one Mickey happens to be hiding in. He runs, and Tigra catches him as his cuffs pop off. Seeing the boy is scared stiff, Tigra offers to protect him.

Returning to David's home, Jessica surprises him by revealing she is Spider-Woman. Leaving her speechless boyfriend behind, she puts on her costume and leaves to search for Mickey. She eventually finds him and Tigra in a tower with broken clockworks that go haywire when Mickey feels stress. Mistaking Tigra for a kidnapper, she starts a fight, putting Mickey under more stress. The madly rotating clockworks knock the two combatants off a ledge, and seeing Tigra is unable to fly, Spider-Woman catches her in mid-air.

They return to the tower, when they hear police sirens. Telling the other two to stay put, Spider-Woman assures the police there are no problems, but when she returns Mickey and Tigra have vanished.

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