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Digger buries another victim alive. The Spider-Woman intervenes, rescues Digger's victim, then takes Digger down. Bill Foster is accosted in his laboratory by Ramsay Kole. Foster asks Kole what he wants. Kole explains that his short stature prevents him from being taken seriously as a dancer. Kole wants the growth formula, that Foster ingests, to transform him into Giant Man. Foster tries to tell Kole that the current formula is still untested.

Kole kicks Foster into unconsciousness, then imbibes every formula in Foster's laboratory. Kole flees. In a junkyard, Kole begins to dance. As he dances, his body begins to painfully elongate. Kole's body grows, leaving him a towering, gangly freak. The Spider-Woman, as Jessica Drew, and her friend, Lindsay McCabe, journey to Los Angeles. While McCabe goes on auditions, Drew, as the Spider-Woman, pays a visit to Foster.

After explaining the details of the attack on him, Foster asks the Spider-Woman to find Kole. On an empty stage, Kole, now calling himself "Daddy Longlegs", makes his debut. In a rage, Daddy Longlegs destroys the stage, during his dance. The Spider-Woman, as Drew, searches for Kole. Attracted to a dance performance poster, Drew surmises that it may be a likely venue for Kole to appear. Drew, and McCabe, attend the performance. Unbeknownst to the them, Daddy Longlegs is there as well.

Daddy Longlegs takes the stage, and dances. The audience roars with derisive laughter. Daddy Longlegs furiously rants at the audience. Drew, as the Spider-Woman, confronts Daddy Longlegs. Taunting him, the Spider-Woman lures him out of the theater, and away from anyone he might harm. Though she is reluctant to do so, the Spider-Woman battles Daddy Longlegs. The Spider-Woman subdues Daddy Longlegs, with a sustained burst of her bio-venom.

The Spider-Woman scrabbles up Daddy Longlegs' elongated form, and punches him into submission. The Spider-Woman binds Daddy Longlegs in a chain link fence. Daddy Longlegs pleads with the Spider-Woman to end his misery by killing him. The Spider-Woman assures Daddy Longlegs that a cure for his condition can be found. Daddy Longlegs takes no solace in her assurance, as he has no desire to return to his normal, stunted form either. The Spider-Woman turns away to call for assistance. When she turns back, though, Daddy Longlegs is gone, leaving behind no evidence of his escape.

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