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The Impossible Man pays a visit to private investigator, Jessica Drew. The Impossible Man hires Drew to search for his mate, the Impossible Woman. Drew notes that the Impossible Man is not telling her the whole story. As the light's go out in Drew's office, the Impossible Woman reveals that she has been there the entire time. To appease the Impossible Man, Drew agrees to dress more like a "real detective". The Impossible Man, Drew, and her friend, Lindsay McCabe, travel to a clothing outlet, to purchase the proper clothing.

Par for the course, the Impossible Man can't help making a spectacle of himself. When a burglar alarm sounds, the Impossible Man rashly leaps into action, caging the store's proprietor. Drew, as the Spider-Woman, goes after the actual thieves. Much to her dismay, the Impossible Man joins the pursuit. The Impossible Man recklessly disables the getaway car, placing a civilian in mortal danger. The Spider-Woman rescues the hapless elderly man, suffering his fate.

Police Lieutenant, Sabrina Morrell, arrives on the scene, to make the arrest. Two of the thieves flee the scene, before the Spider-Woman can be pulled from the wreckage of their car. The Spider-Woman is furious with the Impossible Man's antics, and angrily chastises him. One of the thieves is taken into custody. The Spider-Woman agrees to personally protect the emeralds they attempted to steal. The Spider-Woman questions Morrell, regarding an obvious surveillance operation.

Morrell denies it, but the Spider-Woman can tell she's lying. The thieves make plans to steal the Robbins emeralds. The Spider-Woman, as Drew, has dinner with the Impossible Man, to discuss his case. The two attend a benefit, together, to keep an eye on the emeralds. Drew orders the Impossible Man to remain in his seat, while she patrols the theater, as the Spider-Woman. No sooner has she left, however, and the Impossible Man is up to his usual shenanigans.

One of the thieves snatches the emeralds from around an opera singer's neck. The Impossible Man, imitating Spider-Man, goes after the thief, as does the Spider-Woman. The Impossible Man's "aid", ends up serving the thieves, more than it does the Spider-Woman. Ultimately, the Spider-Woman punches the thief into unconsciousness. A quick burst of her bio-venom fells a second, fleeing, thief. The final thief draws his weapon on the Spider-Woman, but the Impossible Man shields her.

This last thief goes down as easily, and quickly as the other two. The benefit is a huge success, thanks to the Spider-Woman's "performance" taking down the thieves. The Spider-Woman finally gets the Impossible Man to admit that he had a fight with the Impossible Woman. The Spider-Woman gives the Impossible Man relationship advice. Returning to her office, the Spider-Woman, as Drew, and the Impossible Man, find the Impossible Woman waiting for them.

McCabe has been giving the Impossible Woman relationship advice. The two aliens reunite, and make plans to harass the Fantastic Four. Drew has a late night rendezvous with her boyfriend, David Ishima. The Impossible Man calls Drew. He's had another spat with the Impossible Woman. Drew promises to help the Impossible Man, in the morning. Drew unplugs her phone, so that the rest of her time with Ishima will go uninterrupted.

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