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The Spider-Woman breaks into the San Francisco County Jail, to interrogate Gino, an agent of Hydra. Using questionable methods, the Spider-Woman gets Gino to give up the Viper's location. The Spider-Woman leaves a note for police lieutenant, Sabrina Morrell, asking her to offer aid to Lindsay McCabe, in guarding Pamela Kramer. Morrell complies. Unbeknownst to Morrell, McCabe, and Kramer, the Viper is already on the premises. The Spider-Woman bypasses all of the Hydra base's security measures, making her way to the detention area. The Spider-Woman has come to free Kramer's father, Michael. Breaking into the cell, the Spider-Woman discovers that Michael Kramer is a hologram.

It's a trap. The Spider-Woman is gassed into unconsciousness. The tension of waiting puts Morrell, McCabe and Kramer on edge. Morrell isolates herself from McCabe and Kramer. Startled by McCabe's cat, Morrell realizes the Viper is in the house, seconds before the Viper strikes. Morrell is subdued, but not before she shoots the Viper in the shoulder. McCabe rushes Kramer out of the house, to call the police, while McCabe provides a running distraction to lure the Viper. On the rooftop, the Viper catches up with McCabe. In their struggle, McCabe and the Viper fall from the roof. With the sound of police sirens in the distance, the Viper withdraws.

The Spider-Woman awakens, wearing the Viper's costume. The Silver Samurai removes his armor, then challenges the Spider-Woman to a duel. Somehow, the Silver Samurai has robbed the Spider-Woman of her ability to project bio-venom, and also cling to walls. The Spider-Woman's martial arts skills are no match for the Silver Samurai's. Hydra agents enter the room. Without his armor, the Hydra agents do not immediately recognize the Silver Samuria. In the Viper's costume, the Spider-Woman's great resemblance to the Viper is enough to cause the Hydra agents to mistake her for the Viper.

The Spider-Woman, acting as the Viper, orders the Hydra agents to take the Silver Samurai prisoner. Pushing her impersonation further, the Spider-Woman orders the Hydra agents to bring her Michael Kramer, and a car. The Silver Samurai breaks custody and attacks. A vicious battle ensues, one the Spider-Woman ultimately wins. Still acting as the Viper, the Spider-Woman has the Silver Samurai taken away, Kramer loaded into the car, then prepares to depart. Her escape is momentarily put in jeopardy when the real Viper arrves. The Spider-Woman hits the Viper with a burst of bio-venom, rendering her unconscious.

The Spider-Woman flees with Kramer. The Spider-Woman reveals that the deadly plague Kramer carries, within his cells, has been rendered inert. The Viper no longer has any cause to come after him. Returning to her apartment, the Spider-Woman, as Jessica Drew, learns that McCabe has been hospitalized. Drew is livid with Morrell, for failing to protect McCabe, from the Viper. In McCabe's hospital room, Drew reveals her secret identity, as the Spider-Woman to McCabe. To Drew's astonishment, McCabe states that she already knew. Drew vows to get vengeance on the Viper.

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