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The Spider-Woman spies a woman, Pamela Kramer, in her office, being abducted by three men, in a flying car. The Spider-Woman subdues one of the men, before having to dodge laser fire. The Spider-Woman's gliding capabilities are no match for the car's engines, and she rapidly loses the chase. Kramer, refusing to go along quietly, damages the car, causing it to careen about wildly. The Spider-Woman subdues the gunner, then aids in guiding the car through the streets of San Francisco, without incurring any damage. The car crashes into a tractor trailer. Miraculously, all parties survive the collision, unscathed. Before the police can take the would-be kidnappers into custody, the Silver Samurai, and the Viper, arrive on the scene, and execute the men.

The Spider-Woman leaps up to the Viper's flying car, and confronts the Silver Samurai. The Spider-Woman knocks the Silver Samurai out of the car, then goes after the Viper. The Viper maneuvers the car underneath the Silver Samurai, to catch him. The Silver Samurai's katana, though, does damage to the vehicle upon landing. The Spider-Woman struggles with the Viper, before knocking the Silver Samurai back out of the vehicle. The Silver Samurai falls into the bay, as the Viper escapes. The Spider-Woman waits for the Silver Samurai to surface, but he never does. The Spider-Woman turns Kramer over to her civilian identity, Jessica Drew. The Silver Samurai confers with the Viper, regarding their targets, Michael and Pamela Kramer.

Michael Kramer has been a pilot, during World War II. Shot down and taken prisoner, Kramer was turned over to the Red Skull, for experimentation. Kramer's genetic codes were manipulated, turning him into a carrier for a lethal plague. Before the Red Skull could unleash Kramer on the Allies, his laboratory was destroyed by Captain America, Sargent Nicholas Fury, and the Howling Commandos. Kramer was believed killed. The Viper has the catalyst that will transform Kramer into a living biological weapon. The cure for the plague Kramer carries within his cells, lies within the genetic make-up of his daughter, Pamela. The Viper needs Pamela to immunize herself, and the Silver Samurai, from the effects of the plague Kramer carries.

The Viper is struck by how much Drew resembles her. Studying video of their encounter with the Spider-Woman, the Viper realizes that the Spider-Woman is Drew. The Viper believes Drew to be her long-lost daughter. Despite that, she orders the Silver Samurai to kill her, after Drew leads them to Kramer. Drew leaves Kramer's daughter under the supervision of her roommate, Lindsay McCabe. Drew tracks Kramer down to a seedy motel. Kramer fires on Drew, then flees. Drew catches up to Kramer, and reveals that she is working for Kramer's daughter. Drew is amazed by Kramer's youthful appearance. The Silver Samurai appears. Drew, and Kramer, struggle against the Silver Samurai. Their battle carries them off the roof, causing them to plummet into a pawnshop.

Though the Silver Samurai bears the brunt of the impact, Kramer is knocked unconscious. Drew fights valiantly, but, ultimately, is overpowered by the Silver Samurai. The Silver Samurai has also noticed Drew's great resemblance to the Viper, and opts not to kill her. Collecting Kramer's unconscious body, the Silver Samurai departs. Drew revives, and realizes that her battle with the Silver Samurai severed a gas line. A spark ignites the gas, causing an explosion. Drew barely survives, donning her Spider-Woman costume to glide up on air currents, away from the burning building. Kramer's daughter answers the phone, thinking it's Drew calling in. No one responds. McCabe chastises Kramer's daughter for answering the phone, and revealing her location. The doorbell rings. McCabe is not expecting a visitor.

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