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The Flying Tiger brutally assaults the Spider-Woman. With her back severely injured, after a single blow, the Spider-Woman struggles to break her fall. Adhering to the side of an office building, her momentary respite is shattered, as the Flying Tiger presses his attack. The Spider-Woman's bio-venom burst serves only to stagger the Flying Tiger. Their aerial battle rages on, but it soon becomes clear that the Flying Tiger has the advantage over the Spider-Woman. After hitting the Flying Tiger, at point blank range, with her bio-venom, the Spider-Woman tries to flee. The Flying Tiger's claws rake the Spider-Woman's shoulder, as he drives her back towards the Golden Gate Bridge.

To keep her from running, the Flying Tiger throws a car off the bridge. The Spider-Woman catches the car in the torn cables, and lashes it to the support structure. The Spider-Woman rushes the car's occupants to safety, before the car plummets into the bay. Thus distracted, the Spider-Woman is easy prey for the Flying Tiger, who savagely assaults her again. The Spider-Woman plunges into the bay, and does not resurface. The Flying Tiger reports his success to General Nguyen Ngoc Coy. Paul Morrell, captain of the U.S.S. Alaska, fishes the Spider-Woman out of the bay. After tending to her injuries, Morrell recommends the Spider-Woman seek out a local martial arts master, to aid in her full physical recovery.

The Spider-Woman, as Jessica Drew, begins training with Chou Shan- Liu. At the end of one of her classes, Drew runs into police lieutenant, Sabrina Morrell. Drew wonders if Morrell is related to the Navy Captain. Sensing Morrell's distress, Drew follows her into the locker room, catching sight of a large tattoo on Morrell's back. Drew continues to suspect that Morrell may be in the Yakuza. Syndicate enforcers abduct a shopkeeper, after throwing explosives into her store. Drew, intervenes, as the Spider-Woman. After subduing the enforcers, the Spider-Woman rescues the shopkeeper. Suddenly, the Flying Tiger attacks again. The Spider-Woman barely has time to dodge his opening attack.

The Spider-Woman uses her newfound martial arts skills to fight an evasive battle against the Flying Tiger. Taunting him to greater and greater anger, the Spider-Woman is able to use the Flying Tiger's strength and speed against him. Their battle rages on for several minutes, until, ultimately, the Spider-Woman is able to defeat the Flying Tiger. As the Spider-Woman stands triumphant, Morgan Le Fay appears before her, threatening a dire fate. The Spider-Woman stands defiant in the face of Morgan Le Fay's threats. A confrontation between the two is inevitable.

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