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After a fight with Black Tom Cassidy, the Juggernaut, and new crook Siryn, Spider-Woman wakes up in the San Fransisco Mint with her foes gone, the vibranium stolen, and a host of police officers intent on arresting her. Making her escape, Spider-Woman returns to her apartment where the welcoming party is still going strong. As Jessica Drew she meets the X-Men, party crashers extraordinaire. They had been dispatched last issue to find a new mutant in San Fransisco. It can't be Spider-Woman, she's not a mutant. It may be Siryn. Jessica relates the vibranium heist and she and the X-Men team up to stop the export of the stolen metal. Using a stratagem, the heroes try to outmaneuver the baddies, but the thugs prove too resilient to give up without a fight. Teamwork finally prevails for Spider-Woman and the X-Men. Black Tom sees the error in involving his niece, Siryn, in his crimes and commits her to the X-Men's care. The police accept that Spider-Woman had nothing to do with the vibranium robbery and let her go. She officially opens her private investigation practice.


Reporters swarm the bank as Spider-Woman is led out in handcuffs. Reports are unclear as to why the robbers left Spider-Woman behind. As the cops try to move her along, she overpowers her guard and breaks loose of her cuffs. The police let her go, choosing not to shoot on moral grounds. Spider-Woman returns to her apartment and again dons her party gear, as the housewarming party is still in full swing. Outside, however, she is being monitored.

Getting Help from the X-Men

Once in the party, Jessica is reunited with David Ishima. Before they can get their groove back, however, new party guests arrive. At the door is a few, select X-Men (Storm, Angel, and Colossus). Despite their appearances, they are not there to party. Storm asks Jessica in to the next room to discuss her recent exploits. They learn of the vibranium heist at the bank by Black Tom, the Juggernaut, and Siryn. With no time to gather reinforcement, and as a good faith effort to clear the Spider-Woman name, the X-Men agree to help Jessica. Making another excuse, Jessica leaves the party to hunt the bad guys.

The X-Men track the villain trio to a ship with a mini cerebro unit. Storm hails fog to hide their approach. Below, Black Tom revels in his teams' evening victory. He is then given a jolting awakening when Colossus crashes through the entire ship in his metal form, making one big hole from top to bottom. The three villains are certainly caught off guard, but Black Tom figures out the attackers when Juggernaut is hit with a lightening bolt. Taking charge, he secures the vibranium while Siryn is ordered to distract the attacking X-Men. On her way out, however, she is waylaid by Spider-Woman. Not missing a beat, Siryn displays her abilities in stunning fashion, first flying, then paralyzing Spider-Woman, and then hypnotizing Angel, all with variations of her sonic powers. Angel turns on Spider-Woman but she is able to ditch him in the still-present fog.

Meanwhile, the Juggernaut has found Colossus and the two begin their tet-a-tet. Juggernaut is full of bravado, fueled by an earlier fight in which he won. Colossus has changed, however, and lures the Juggernaut to the hole in the ship. He tosses the big guy in the hole and counts on Juggernauts weight to drag him far below the ship. Elsewhere, Black Tom discovers Storm's presence and calls Siryn to help him out. Siryn instead sends the mind-washed Angel, a foe with no chance of stopping Storm. Using his own powers, Black Tom fires a bolt from his shillelah and rips the boat up. Shrapnel falls and both parties are subdued. Colossus is then able to take Black Tom down.

Siryn's reason for not coming to Black Tom's aid is that she was still on the trail of Spider-Woman. Using her sonic powers as a sonar, Siryn tracks Spider-Woman and gives her a full blast when she sees Spider-Woman's costume from the corner of her eye. To Siryn's horror, Spider-Woman appears to have been ripped to shreds from the sonic scream. It was all a ruse, as Spider-Woman had removed her costume and stuffed it as a decoy. With Siryn distraught and distracted, Spider-Woman knocks her out with a venom blast.

Siryn Entrusted to the X-Men

With Black Tom and Siryn out of the picture, the Juggernaut reappears to reckon with the X-Men. Colossus takes him on again but soon becomes ensnared in a death grip. He shrinks to his human form and Angel swoops in to rescue him. Juggernaut had unwittingly moved himself into a favorable position for Storm and Spider-Woman to join their powers to charge the metal around the Juggernaut. The man does not fall, but he certainly does feel the pain. The ship soon explodes. The Juggernaut goes missing, but Spider-Woman and the X-Men are able to get free. They turn Black Tom into the authorities and he clears Spider-Woman's name. Feeling some guilt for Siryn's behavior, he puts her in the charge of the X-Men. They take her to the X-Mansion.

Later, Jessica Drew opens her own private investigation firm.

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First off, know this: the cover is misleading. Yes, the X-Men were sent to meet with a powerful being in San Fransisco, but they certainly don't fight Spider-Woman. They team up. They are her deadliest friends? Not as snazzy, but far more accurate.As to the actual content of the comic, however, it's great. As stated in my review of #37, I'm not a Spider-Woman fan; I'm simply collecting the history of Siryn. That said, this was still an enjoyable read. You get a sense of Jessica's problem: she ju...

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