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Angar The Screamer's scream descends Jessica Drew, Lindsay McCabe, and everyone else in earshot, into madness. Due to the amnesiac after-effect of the scream, as soon as Angar The Screamer leaves the scene, no one has any recollection that the attack ever happened. Only Drew is able to hold onto her fleeting memories for a time, but they too fade, leaving her with an inexplicable sense of unease. At home, Drew is contacted by her crime-fighting partner, Scotty McDowell. Infuriated at Drew's absence all day, McDowell, nonetheless, gives her a new assignment... bring in Angar The Screamer. Drew begs off beginning the pursuit until the next day, enraging McDowell further.

Hiding out from the police, Angar The Screamer reflects on his past. Freed from a foreign prison, Angar The Screamer is laying low at Star City, a science fiction themed amusement park. When Angar The Screamer's handlers gripe about his unauthorized excursion to the beach, Angar The Screamer hits them with his scream. The park manager dies instantly, but his secretary manages to flee the room. Angar The Screamer pursues. A second exposure to Angar the Screamer's scream drives the secretary into madness. She hallucinates a horrible death of being devoured alive. Drew has dinner with McCabe.

Drew is somewhat distracted during dinner, and is thus completely taken by surprise, when McCabe proposes they move to San Francisco. McDowell calls Drew during dinner, to prod her into pursuing Angar The Screamer. Drew, as the Spider-Woman confers with one of McDowell's contacts, leading her to Star City. The Spider-Woman patrols Star City, coming under attack by Angar The Screamer. The Spider-Woman begins hallucinating badly. Angar The Screamer uses the public announcement system to broadcast his scream throughout the park. The Spider-Woman becomes completely unhinged from reality.

Her past comes to vivid life as nightmare memories assail her. Ultimately, the Spider-Woman gives in to the scream, spiraling down a path towards darkness where she fully embraces the darkest aspects of her personality. The scream ends, leaving the Spider-Woman feeling completely spent. Angar the Screamer foolishly shows himself, allowing the Spider-Woman to tag him with her bio-venom. Angar The Screamer falls from a roller coaster into a small building. The Spider-Woman hurls bags of powdered cement into the structure, exploding them with her bio-venom bursts. Choking on the cement dust in the air, Angar The Screamer cannot scream.

The Spider-Woman inundates Angar The Screamer with a steady barrage of her bio-venom bursts. Angar The Screamer surrenders, but his surrender is merely a ruse to buy time to clear his throat. Angar The Screamer screams again, but having already been exposed to his power, the Spider-Woman is now immune to it. The Spider-Woman mercilessly beats Angar The Screamer into unconsciousness. The Spider-Woman contemplates her future. Meeting with McDowell, the Spider-Woman is prepared to dissolve their partnership, but McDowell beats her to it. The two part company, but remain friends. The Spider-Woman, as Drew, meets with McCabe. The two set off for a new life together, in San Francisco.

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