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Hammer and Anvil attempt to abduct Amanda and Samantha Sheridan. The Spider-Woman intervenes on behalf of the Sheridans. Though the Spider-Woman puts up a valiant effort, Hammer and Anvil are able to escape with Amanda Sheridan. The Spider-Woman confers with Samantha Sheridan. A dropped identity card connects Anvil to the Deterrence Research Corporation. Sheridan's parents, brother, and infant sister were slain during an experimental weapons test, conducted by the Deterrence Research Corporation.

Deterrence Research Corporation intends a hostile takeover of Sheridan Industries. With Amanda Sheridan in their possession, the board at Sheridan Industries will comply with the Deterrence Research Corporation. The Spider-Woman offers to retrieve Amanda from the Deterrence Research Corporation. Conferring with her crime-fighting partner, Scotty McDowell, the Spider-Woman gathers intelligence on the Deterrence Research Corporation, as well as an identification badge, to garner access to the facility. The Spider-Woman, as Jessica Drew, realizes that the pheromone suppressants she has been taking, to allow her to freely act in society, have also been dampening her super-powers.

Drew decides to no longer take the suppressants. Drew's friend, Lindsay McCabe, drives her out to the Deterrence Research Corporation. Drew, posing as "Ariadne Hyde", meets with director of personnel, Ross Holden. During her interview, Drew gets Holden to give her a tour of the facility. The sleazy Holden amorously kisses Drew, before departing for a meeting. Drew takes the opportunity to change clothes, then heads for one of the buildings Holden said was off-limits to her. Gaining access, Drew runs into a security guard, and is forced to subdue him.

As the man crumples under her assault, an alarm sounds. Drew leaps into the elevator, and changes into her Spider-Woman costume. With the elevator going down, the Spider-Woman exits through the hatch, and ascends to a higher level. Crashing through the elevator doors, the Spider-Woman assaults the guards, then makes her way to the detention facility. The Spider-Woman finds Sheridan's cell empty. Then, Hammer and Anvil attack. After a brief battle, the Spider-Woman manages to hurl Hammer and Anvil down the elevator shaft.

A quick glance at the security station gives the Spider-Woman Sheridan's location. Upon reaching Sheridan's location, the Spider-Woman is attacked by a Mandroid. The Spider-Woman evades the Mandroid's attacks, until it is put down by another Mandroid, this one piloted by Sheridan. The Spider-Woman, with Sheridan, flees the facility. A contingent of Mandroids pursue, eventually destroying the road enough, that the Spider-Woman is forced to abandon the car she stole. With Sheridan on her back, the Spider-Woman takes to the air, only to be brought down by Hammer and Anvil.

Trapped between an out-of control wildfire, the Mandroids, Hammer and Anvil, the Spider-Woman has no choice but to turn and fight. Grasping the cable that connects Hammer to Anvil, the Spider-Woman channels her bio-venom through it. Hammer and Anvil are, first, incapacitated, then beaten into submission. With the Mandroids barring their way, the Spider-Woman has no choice but to take Sheridan into the blaze. The Mandroids give up their pursuit, surmising that the Spider-Woman, and especially the elderly Sheridan, could not survive within the wildfire.

The board meets at Sheridan Industries. The Deterrence Research Corporation is just about to conclude their takeover when the Spider-Woman, with Sheridan, enter the room. Eric Lazar, a trusted member of the Sheridan board, suddenly stands up and attempts to gun Sheridan down. Lazar is brought down by a burst of the Spider-Woman's bio-venom. The takeover attempt a failure, the representatives of the Deterrence Research Corporation depart. The Spider-Woman, as Drew, joins McCabe, for a day at the beach. Their attention is drawn to a police officer asking for identification from a strangely dressed individual. The man is Angar the Screamer, and by way of identification, he begins to scream, plunging everyone around him into madness.

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