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The Spider-Woman flies over a group of protesters, attacking Councilman Jacob Kneller. The protesters are outraged that Kneller is tearing down the Hotel Anastasia, a historical landmark, in favor of erecting a shopping center. The Spider-Woman gets Councilman Kneller to safety, when the protesters begin to riot. The Spider-Woman reports to her crime-fighting partner, Scotty McDowell. Having successfully brought in the Siciliano Brothers, the Spider-Woman is ready for a new assigment. McDowell sends the Spider-Woman to San Francisco, to bring in a new super-villain, calling himself "Turner D. Century".

The Spider-Woman, as Jessica Drew, patrols the streets of San Francisco, in search of Turner D. Century. That evening, while Drew is taking respite in a bar, Turner D. Century attacks. Turner D. Century sets the bar afire. Drew, as the Spider-Woman, subdues Turner D. Century, with her bio-venom, then assists the patrons in getting out of the blaze. By the time the Spider-Woman has rescued everyone, Turner D. Century has revived, and fled. McDowell is furious that the Spider-Woman allowed Turner D. Century to slip away. Turner D. Century attacks the seediest section of San Francisco. The Spider-Woman, again, confronts Turner D. Century.

This time, Turner D. Century jeopardizes the lives of two boys, to draw the Spider-Woman's attention away from him. In the time it takes to rescue the boys, Turner D. Century has escaped the Spider-Woman again. Further enraged, McDowell verbally abuses the Spider-Woman over the phone. The Spider-Woman, as Drew, wanders about San Francisco, patrolling all the likely spots that Turner D. Century may target. At the end of the night, though, Drew has missed him. Turner D. Century struck in Chinatown. McDowell is beside himself with grief, for failing to predict Chinatown as a possible target. McDowell has discovered a pattern in all of Turner D. Century's attacks.

They have all been former properties of reclusive millionaire, Morgan MacNeil Hardy. Drew, as the Spider-Woman, travels out to MacNeil's estate. Though she finds the grounds immaculate, the mansion is in a terrible state of disrepair, and appears abandoned. Entering the MacNeil mansion, the Spider-Woman hears the sounds of music. The Spider-Woman follows the music, down through the basement, into a subterranean town. The town is an exact replica of San Francisco, as it appeared at the turn of the century. Almost immediately, the Spider-Woman is attacked by Turner D. Century. MacNeil appears, and orders a cease to all hostilities.

MacNeil reveals his history. As change began to come to San Francisco, MacNeil sold all his holdings, using the money to build his own San Francisco, untouched by the march of progress. MacNeil raised his chaufeur's son, Clifford, as his own. MacNeil kept Clifford away from the outside world, and indoctrinated him with his own sense of decency, and the values of a bygone era. MacNeil, though, is unaware of Clifford's activities as Turner D. Century. When the Spider-Woman begins to speak of the horrific things Clifford has been doing, Turner D. Century attacks her. During their battle, Turner D. Century sets MacNeil's San Francisco ablaze. MacNeil, and Turner D. Century, willfully opt to die in the fire. The Spider-Woman barely makes it back to the mansion before MacNeil's San Francisco is consumed in flames.

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