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The Hornet blasts the Spider-Woman out of the sky. As the Spider-Woman plummets to her death, the Hornet flies away, laughing uproariously. Scotty McDowell awakens from the dream. In an agitated state, McDowell lashes out at his wheelchair, knocking it across the room. A deliveryman gives McDowell the Hornet costume. McDowell angrily sends the deliveryman away, then notices the hornet wings growing out of his back. McDowell discovers that he can fly, though he is still unable to walk. McDowell dons the Hornet costume, and takes to the air. The Spider-Woman encounters a plane with a stalled engine.

The Spider-Woman tries to push the plane towards the waterfront, but doesn't have the capability of doing so. The Hornet arrives, and effects the rescue, belittling the Spider-Woman all the way. In his cell, Doctor Karl Malus, listens to a radio bulletin regarding the Hornet. Malus is pleased to learn how his experiment with the Hornet is coming along. The Spider-Woman takes down a gang of thieves, The Spider-Woman has just about subdued the entire gang, when the Hornet intervenes. The Hornet viciously attacks the gang, nearly killing all of them, By accident, the Hornet recklessly hits an innocent bystander.

The Spider-Woman is forced to rush the man to the hospital, rather than deal with the increasingly erratic Hornet. The Hornet goes on a wanton rampage of destruction, inciting mayhem, and battling it out with the police. Malus offers his assistance in bringing the Hornet to justice. The warden agrees to loan Malus out to the police, as long is Malus is kept under heavy guard. The Spider-Woman confronts the Hornet. An epic battle ensues. Gradually, the Spider-Woman begins to gain the upper hand. Just before she defeats the Hornet, Malus "accidentally" hits the Spider-Woman with a tranquilizer meant for the Hornet. By the time the Spider-Woman has recovered, the Hornet has escaped. In the confusion, Malus has also fled the scene. The Hornet returns home, to find Malus waiting for him.

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