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In a misguided attempt to rescue the Spider-Woman, Scotty McDowell is gunned down by the Enforcer. Enraged by the assault on McDowell, the Spider-Woman mercilessly beats down the Enforcer, and his gang. The Enforcer, though, is the only person who can save McDowell from certain death. The toxin in McDowell's system will kill him instantly, if he is revived. The Enforcer has McDowell moved into a meat locker for safe keeping. The Enforcer offers to provide the Spider-Woman with an antidote to the toxin, if the Spider-Woman will aid the Enforcer in stealing ten million dollars. Unbeknownst to the two adversaries, Rupert M. Dockery, publisher of the Los Angeles Courier, is eavesdropping on their conversation, via a hidden radio transmitter.

The Enforcer, and the Spider-Woman, strike at the Hollywood Bowl, where they steal a jewel-encrusted statue of a Hindu God. Dockery's news crew is already there, ready to record Spider-Woman's descent into villainy. Los Angeles Police Captain, Alexander Walsh, is reluctant to believe that Spider-Woman has turned criminal. Curious as to why the Courier always seems to garner exclusives on the Spider-Woman's exploits, Walsh confronts Dockery. Refusing to give up his sources, Dockery does provide Walsh with the Enforcer's next target. The Enforcer goes after a rare stamp collection, worth over a million dollars. The police, though, led by Walsh, are ready and waiting for the Enforcer. The Enforcer's uniform provides him with protection from the police gunfire.

The Enforcer is apprehended when the police manage to get a steel mesh net over him. To Walsh's disbelief, the Spider-Woman swoops down and frees the Enforcer. A police sharpshooter has a bead on the Spider-Woman, but Walsh purposefully spoils his shot. Walsh is still not quite ready to believe that the Spider-Woman has gone bad. Dockery gloats over the increase in sales, and circulation, of the Los Angeles Courier. The Enforcer enjoys the ill-gotten spoils of his forced partnership with the Spider-Woman. The Spider-Woman worries over McDowell. The news of the Spider-Woman's turn towards villainy reaches Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man. Parker decides to investigate the situation, vowing to bring the Spider-Woman in, if she really has gone rogue.

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