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A woman in a Spider-Woman costume is bound, and thrown off a roof, by burglars. The real Spider-Woman rescues her impersonator from certain death. The woman is revealed to be a sorority girl, and president of a new Spider-Woman admiration club. Seeing the two burglars, the sorority girl decided to try to stop their crime, as the Spider-Woman. The real Spider-Woman takes down the burglars. Rupert M. Dockery, the new publisher of the Los Angeles Courier, garners a private meeting with prison inmate, Carson Collier, the notorious Enforcer. Collier wants nothing to do with Dockery. Dockery departs, "accidentally" leaving his sword cane behind.

Collier takes possession of the cane, and uses it to escape from prison. Dockery offers a substantial reward for the apprehension of Collier. Knowing that the Spider-Woman operates as a bounty hunter, Dockery surmises that she won't be able to resist going after Collier for the reward money. Thus, Dockery has engineered an inevitable confrontation between the Spider-Woman and the Enforcer. Unbeknownst to Collier, Dockery's cane has a hidden radio transmitter embedded within, allowing Dockery to hear everything Collier says. Collier presses the inmates, he allowed to break out of prison with him, into his gang.

The Spider-Woman, as Jessica Drew, learns of Collier's escape. The Enforcer arrives at the Museum of Anthropology, to steal a giant bronze spider. Thanks to the radio transmitter in Dockery's cane, reporters for the Los Angeles Courier are already on the scene. The Spider-Woman appears, and attacks the Enforcer, and his gang. Due to her previous encounter with the Enforcer, the Spider-Woman is immune to his tranquilizer darts. The Spider-Woman manages to take out the Enforcer's gang, before the Enforcer hits her with a dart she hasn't been exposed to yet. The dart's toxin induces blindness in the Spider-Woman. Incapacitated, the Spider-Woman easily falls to the Enforcer.

The Spider-Woman's crime-fighting partner, Scotty McDowell learns of her defeat, and abduction, by the Enforcer. Suspecting a connection to Dockery, McDowell angrily confronts the newspaper publisher. Before he can be ejected from Dockery's office, McDowell plants a listening device on Dockery's desk. Eavesdropping on Dockery, McDowell discovers that there is, in fact, a connection between Dockery, and the Enforcer. McDowell also learns where the Enforcer is holed up. Upon recovery, the Spider-Woman breaks free from her bonds. Before she can attack the Enforcer, McDowell bursts into the room. Before the Spider-Woman can react, the Enforcer guns McDowell down.

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