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The Spider-Woman has one minute to escape the Doomsday Room, an electrified room set to explode. Scurrying up the column she is bound to, the Spider-Woman snaps the column in half. The Spider-Woman uses the broken piece of column to pole vault across the room, crashing through a glass pane in the locked door. The Spider-Woman breaks her chains, then flees, as the room explodes behind her. Mister Big receives word that the Doomsday Room has self-destructed. Mistakenly believing that the Spider-Woman has been slain, Mister Big proceeds with his plan.

The Spider-Woman visits Tim Braverman, the notorious Gamesman, in prison. Mister Big has accused Braverman of sequestering millions of dollars of stolen money.When questioned by the Spider-Woman, Braverman denies it. Returning to his cell, Braverman finds a note, and a gun, from the Spider-Woman, outlining a prison break. The Spider-Woman, as Jessica Drew, receives a visit for her friend, Lindsay McCabe. McCabe is incredibly excited about landing an acting job, though she is reluctant to divulge any real details.

All McCabe will see is that she was hired by a silver-haired man, who works for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Braverman, following the instructions in the Spider-Woman's note, escapes from prison. Braverman finds the Spider-Woman waiting for him, outside the prison walls, with a helicopter. Unbeknownst to Braverman, everything he says to the Spider-Woman, can be heard by Mister Big. Braverman takes the Spider-Woman to a bank. There, in a safety deposit box, Braverman has stashed ten million dollars in diamonds.

Outside the bank, Braverman, and the Spider-Woman, are abducted by Mister Big's men. Confronted by Mister Big, Braverman pleads with the Spider-Woman to save their lives. Mister Big reveals that the Spider-Woman is dead, and that an actress, McCabe, was hired to play her, to manipulate Braverman. The joke is on Mister Big, though, when "McCabe" is revealed to be the real Spider-Woman. In short order, the Spider-Woman takes down Mister Big, and his entire gang. The Spider-Woman, as Drew, had been suspicious of McCabe's acting gig.

The silver-haired federal agent McCabe described, sounded exactly like one of the men who put the Spider-Woman in the Doomsday Room. The Spider-Woman remembered that a man named "Fritzy" had done an illustration of her, before she was left to die. Following McCabe, Drew, as the Spider-Woman, saw McCabe putting on a Spider-Woman costume. The Spider-Woman confronted McCabe, revealed that her true employer was, likely, Mister Big, then took McCabe's place. Braverman believes he's in the clear now, with the defeat of Mister Big. Then, police captain, Aexander Walsh, enters the room to arrest Braverman. The Spider-Woman has turned her lover in to the police.

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