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The Spider-Woman visits Tim Braverman, the notorious Gamesman, in prison. Braverman tells the Spider-Woman his life story. Braverman grew up poor, in a Brooklyn slum. His mother was a prostitute. His father was an abusive alcoholic. To survive, Braverman, and his brother, took to stealing items, like milk and fruit. During one such theft, Braverman's brother was gunned down by an off-duty police officer. From that day forward, Braverman vowed to get the better of the police, as the Gamesman. Braverman pleads with the Spider-Woman to use her connections, with the police, to garner him an early parole.

En route back to the city, the Spider-Woman spies an accident, a single victim lying in the road. Investigating to offer aid, the Spider-Woman is ambushed by a gang of criminals. The Spider-Woman is moments away from subduing the entire gang, when the accident "victim" suddenly bolts up, and shoots her in the arm. The criminals take that opportunity to flee. The Spider-Woman travels to Scotty McDowell's apartment, to get treatment for her gunshot wound. McDowell is outraged that the Spider-Woman continues to spend time with Braverman, McDowell is even more infuriated that the Spider-Woman is considering aiding Braverman, in garnering an early parole.

In the situation room, the gang of criminals report their failure to subdue the Spider-Woman, to Mister Big. The Spider-Woman, as Jessica Drew, receives a call from her friend, Lindsay McCabe. After making lunch plans with McCabe, Drew prepares for an assignment, given by McDowell. The "Zoot Suit" McCandless Gang attempt to rob a Saudi Arabian ambassador, and his wife.The Spider-Woman thwarts the robbery, and turns the McCandless Gang over to the authorities. The Spider-Woman speaks with Police Captain, Alexander Walsh, about garnering an early parole for Braverman. Walsh is unreceptive to the idea.

Unbeknownst to the Spider-Woman, and Walsh, they are being eavesdropped on, by the cleaning lady. The old woman reports what she overheard, to Mister Big. Departing police headquarters, the Spider-Woman is ambushed by the same gang of criminals. The Spider-Woman is gassed into unconsciousness. The Spider-Woman awakens, bound to a pillar, in the "Doomsday Room". Mister Big demands to know where Braverman sequestered several million dollars in stolen goods. The Spider-Woman refuses to talk. Mister Big has a man named "Fritzy" do an illustration of the Spider-Woman. Mister Big informs the Spider-Woman that the pillar she is bound to is set to explode, in one minute. Then, Mister Big departs, leaving the Spider-Woman behind, to die.

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