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The Spider-Woman has brought a gang of museum thieves into Police Captain Alexander Walsh's office. Walsh enters, and is none to thrilled to see the Spider-Woman. Walsh asks her why she hasn't brought in the Gamesman yet. Eavesdropping on Walsh, and the Spider-Woman, the cleaning lady reports to the Gamesman. The Spider-Woman departs Walsh's office, running into a gang of street toughs, in the alley behind police headquarters. The Spider-Woman fights back valiantly, but is in danger of being overwhelmed by their greater number. Los Angeles Times reporter, Tim Braverman, steps in to assist the Spider-Woman.

As they drive away in Braverman's car, Braverman makes a lunch date with the Spider-Woman. The Spider-Woman reports back to her crime-fighting partner, Scotty McDowell. Suspiciously, McDowell asks several questions about Braverman. McDowell sends the Spider-Woman out to garner information about the Gamesman. Wearing several different disguises, the Spider-Woman visits several known underworld haunts. Before the night is over, she learns of the Gamesman's next crime. In the Situation Room, the Gamesman is questioned, by a ring of crooks, regarding his effectiveness, in light of the Spider-Woman thwarting the museum heist.

The Gamesman assures them that his next planned crime will succeed. During their date, Braverman pleads with the Spider-Woman not to pursue the Gamesman. Braverman all but tells the Spider-Woman that he loves her, just before kissing her passionately. McDowell continues to be suspicious of Braverman. The Spider-Woman believes McDowell's opinion of Braverman is colored by jealousy. The Gamesman personally leads a small group of armed men, on the next heist. After subduing the guards at a convention hall, the Gamesman enters a jewelry exhibition room. As anticipated, the Spider-Woman is waiting for him.

The Spider-Woman attacks, but is quickly subdued by one of the Gamesman's weapons. Feeling that the Spider-Woman may be heading into a trap, McDowell drives out to the convention hall. The Spider-Woman is tied to a pillar, and left to burn to death in the exhibition room. McDowell arrives, and sets the Spider-Woman free. The Gamesman doubles back, also to rescue the Spider-Woman. McDowell's suspicions prove true, when the Gamesman reveals that he is, indeed, Braverman. The Gamesman professes his love to the Spider-Woman, as the police take him into custody. The Spider-Woman leaves it to the authorities to bring in the rest of the Gamesman's associates.

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