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Despite being professional bounty hunters, the Spider-Woman, and Scotty McDowell, decide to bring in the Killer Clown, without reward. The Spider-Woman heads out to have dinner with her friend, Lindsay McCabe. A young hitchhiker is picked up. After being lectured by the driver for her libidinous lifestyle, the hitchhiker asks to be let off. The driver complies, offering her a snack before she goes. The "snack' turns out to be a prank, initiated by the Killer Clown. The Killer Clown begins strangling the hitchhiker. The Spider-Woman spies the assault on the hitchhiker, and drives the Killer Clown away. Rather than pursue the Killer Clown, the Spider-Woman opts to take the hitchhiker, who is still alive, to a hospital.

Unbeknownst to the Spider-Woman, the Killer Clown follows her to McCabe's apartment. The Spider-Woman enters McCabe's apartment, though the guest bedroom window. The Spider-Woman, as Jessica Drew, sneaks through the apartment, exiting out the front door. Then, Drew rings the doorbell, and apologizes to McCabe for being late. McCabe sends Drew out for oregano. The Killer Clown enters McCabe's apartment, through the same guest bedroom window. Mistakenly believing McCabe is the Spider-Woman, the Killer Clown electrocutes her with a high voltage joy buzzer. McCabe survives the shock, due to the rubber dish gloves she is wearing.

The Killer Clown moves in to finish McCabe off, when Drew returns. The Killer Clown flees, leaving his scarf behind. Drew calls for an ambulance. The Killer Clown, as Casper Whimpley, returns home to his wife, Roberta. Whimpley apologizes for being late, claiming to have been out bowling. Roberta spies clown make-up on Whimpley, and reads him the riot act. Roberta believes Whimpley is merely moonlighting as a clown, and doesn't suspect that Whimpley is actually a murderer. Spying a reporter in the hospital corridor, Drew informs Police Lieutenant Jacobi that McCabe can identify the Killer Clown.

Learning of McCabe's assertions on the evening news, Whimpley has a package delivered to the hospital. On a giant spring, Whimpley, as the Killer Clown, bounds up to the window of McCabe's hospital room. The Killer Clown moves in to finish McCabe off, but the Spider-Woman is waiting for him. The Killer Clown manages to dodge the Spider-Woman's bio-venom burst, while stunning her with a telescoping trick fist. The Killer Clown flees. The Spider-Woman chases the Killer Clown to an abandoned circus. The Killer Clown gets in the first blow, but is then stunned by the Spider-Woman's bio-venom. The Spider-Woman mercilessly beats the Killer Clown into unconsciousness, then drags him away to the proper authorities.







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