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The Spider-Woman soars over Los Angeles. Louie Defalco robs the Majestic Jewelry Emporium. En route to his getaway car, Defalco purchases flowers from a street vendor. The vendor is revealed to be the Spider-Woman. The Spider-Woman follows Defalco, out past away the city limits. Landing on the getaway car, the Spider-Woman causes it to crash. In short order, the Spider-Woman subdues Defalco, and two of his thugs. Los Angeles Police Captain, Alexander Walsh, receives word of Defalco's latest robbery. Upon entering his office, Walsh finds Defalco, and his thugs, bound and unconscious, courtesy of the Spider-Woman.

Walsh informs the Spider-Woman that the reward for capturing Defalco has doubled. Walsh attempts to remove the Spider-Woman's mask, but is rebuffed by a minor expulsion of bio-venom. The Spider-Woman departs the way she came, through the window, then returns her flower vendor disguise. The Spider-Woman meets with her crime-fighting partner, Scotty McDowell. The Spider-Woman informs McDowell of the greater reward. McDowell provides the Spider-Woman with information regarding the likely whereabouts of the Shark-Mob.

The Spider-Woman departs to confront the Shark-Mob. The Shark-Mob have holed up in a lighthouse, with intentions of causing a ship wreck. The Spider-Woman storms the lighthouse, and quickly subdues the Shark-Mob, with a timely assist from the lighthouse keeper. The Spider-Woman calls it a night. Returning home, the Spider-Woman, as Jessica Drew, showers, then takes a call from her friend, Lindsay McCabe. Drew makes plans to lunch with McCabe. McDowell arrives for a Midnight supper. During their late night repast, Drew is completely oblivious to McDowell's obvious romantic feelings for her.

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