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The Spider-Woman has serious recriminations over stealing money. The Spider-Woman, as Jessica Drew, discovered that she had been fired from the Hatros Institute for Emotional Research. To add insult to injury, Drew would be receiving no severance or back wages owed. Drew returned home to an eviction notice. With no available financial resources, Drew, as the Spider-Woman, broke into the Hatros Institute, and stole the money she believed she was owed. Now, guilt and shame weigh heavily upon her. To make it right, the Spider-Woman returns to the Hatros Institute, to replace the money, before anyone discovers that it's missing.

Freelance photographer, Peter Parker, shoots pictures of the Hatros Institute, for the Daily Globe. During a tour of the facility, Parker's spider-sense begins tingling. Parker excuses himself, to investigate the situation. Parker discovers the Spider-Woman, breaking into the safe. The Spider-Woman renders Parker unconscious, with a burst of her bio-venom. Parker recovers quick enough to see the Spider-Woman flying away. Parker pursues the Spider-Woman, as Spider-Man. The Spider-Woman spots Spider-Man in pursuit, and attempts to evade him, nearly flying into a giant web. The two fire upon one another.

Spider-Man is able to dodge the Spider-Woman's bio-venom, while tagging her with his web-shooter, momentarily disabling her glider wings. The two scurry up the side of a building. On the rooftop, the Spider-Woman topples a brick chimney over on Spider-Man, who easily catches it, hefting it with one arm. Spider-Man is amazed to learn that the Spider-Woman has never heard of him. At the mention of his name, the Spider-Woman reflects on her past, wondering if Spider-Man, too, is like her. Spider-Man reveals that he knows the Spider-Woman broke into the safe, at the Hatros Institute. The Spider-Woman kicks Spider-Man, and takes to the air.

Spider-Man tags the Spider-Woman with his web-shooter, and is carried aloft. Unfortunately, the Spider-Woman's boot comes off, leaving Spider-Man in free fall. With no buildings tall enough for Spider-Man to catch himself on, the Webslinger is in dire straits. Realizing Spider-Man is unable to save himself, the Spider-Woman rescues him. The Spider-Woman offers to let Spider-Man bring her to justice. Instead, Spider-Man merely asks her to explain herself. After hearing her hard luck story, Spider-Man opts to let her go free, seeing something of himself in the Spider-Woman. The two go their separate ways. Only after Spider-Man is miles away, does he realize that he never learned who the mysterious Spider-Woman really was.

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