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Jessica Drew spends a quiet evening, home, mending her Spider-Woman costume. Drew calls to check on her mentor, Charles Magnus, but cannot reach him. Drew dons her costume, to test the structural integrity of her glider wings. Though she is able to gain altitude, the right wing tears at the seam, causing her to fall. The Spider-Woman crashes into the apartment of David and Susan Lofgren.

After assuring the Lofgrens that reparations for the damages will be forthcoming, the Spider-Woman slinks, embarrassedly, away. The Spider-Woman, as Drew, collapses into her bed, and laughs uproariously, at the spectacle she made of herself. Expecting to be fired, for putting her employer in a coma. Drew reports to the Hatros Institute for Emotional Research.

Drew discovers that none of her fellow co-workers are aware of her altercation with the institute's head, Adrienne Hatros. Drew receives medication to suppress her pheromone emissions. To test out the effectiveness of the drug, Drew visits a discotheque. None of the club's patrons react negatively to her. A strikingly handsome man asks Drew to dance. When they return from the dance floor, Drew discovers her purse missing.

Another patron accidentally picked up Drew's purse. In the ladies room, this woman discovers Drew's Spider-Woman costume, inside the purse, and decides to put it on. Drew's male suitor attracts her attention to the dance floor, where she sees the woman, wearing her costume. All eyes fall on the woman in the Spider-Woman costume. Dancing her way out onto the balcony, she steps in a strange biological substance, which pitches her over the railing.

With everyone watching the woman in the Spider-Woman costume, no one sees Drew move in to rescue her. The woman loses her grip on the railing. Drew leaps onto her. After subduing her with a burst of bio-venom, Drew extends the woman's arms, so that the glider wings on the costume catch the air. Drew is able to maneuver their bodies over to the cliff face, allowing Drew to cling to the wall.

Drew carries the woman down to the ground, strips her, and reclaims the Spider-Woman costume. Drew departs with her would-be beau. Instead of taking Drew home, the man, Eric, instead drives to a secluded, and scenic spot. Drew rebuffs his amorous advances. Suddenly, Eric pulls sharply away from Drew, and hurriedly conceals his face. Feeling that she was a bit too harsh in her rejection, Drew reaches to console Eric, as he, desperately tries to keep her from seeing that his face is melting.

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