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While waiting for her dinner date, S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Jerry Hunt, Jessica Drew admires her landlady's doll collection. Drew accidentally discovers a hidden drawer, holding two dolls of Brother Grimm. Drew's landlady, Priscilla Dolly, surprises her. An awkward moment is diffused when Hunt arrives. After introductions are made, Drew and Hunt depart. Dolly inspects the bureau with the hidden drawer, feeling certain that Drew saw the dolls. At the restaurant, Drew confides in Hunt about what she saw.

As if on cue, Brother Grimm appears, inciting mayhem in the restaurant. Drew excuses herself to change into her Spider-Woman costume. The Spider-Woman confronts Brother Grimm. After dodging the Spider-Woman's lunge, Brother Grimm takes a hostage. The Spider-Woman distracts Brother Grimm, allowing Hunt to get into an attack position. Before Hunt can act, Brother Grimm throws his hostage into Hunt. Brother Grimm gases the restaurant patrons, just as the Spider-Woman tackles him.

The Spider-Woman feigns defeat, allowing Brother Grimm to depart, and thus, no longer jeopardizing the restaurant patrons. The Spider-Woman goes after Brother Grimm. The two grapple on a, literally, flying trapeze. Brother Grimm throws an egg in the Spider-Woman's face. By the time the Spider-Woman clears her eyes, Brother Grimm has put some distance between them. Hunt joins the pursuit. Hunt loses sight of both the Spider-Woman, and Brother Grimm.

Suddenly, Hunt sees Brother Grimm in his rear view mirror. Brother Grimm is in Hunt's car. Hunt is rendered unconscious. Charles Magnus returns to an empty house. Though his mystic senses seem to suggest trouble, Magnus ignores the feeling and retires to bed. The Spider-Woman finally closes the gap between her and Brother Grimm. The Spider-Woman hits Brother Grimm with a bio-venom burst, causing him to explode. The Spider-Woman discovers that the Brother Grimm on the trapeze was merely a dummy.

While she was blinded by the egg, Brother Grimm escaped. Suddenly, the Spider-Woman is ambushed by Brother Grimm, rendered unconscious, and knocked off of a rooftop. Dolly's doll collection comes to life, and descend upon the sleeping form of Magnus. The Spider-Woman awakens in chains, next to Hunt, who is also bound. A spotlight reveals Priscilla Dolly, standing between the Brothers Grimm. Calling herself "Madame Doll", Dolly promises a terrible fate for the Spider-Woman, and Hunt.

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