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A Return of a Marvel Classic 0

Super short story: I've been a die-hard Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew fan for decades. I fell in love with the character from the start when I first saw reruns of the Spider-Woman cartoon in the early '80s. From there I discovered the adventures of Marvel Comic's Dark Angel depicted by Chris Claremont and  Steve Leialoha towards the tail end of the original series. I eventually collected the entire series (issues #1-50) between the ages of ten and twelve, discovering Spider-Woman's many phases from ...

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Not a bad start. 0

I only picked this book up because I've been longing to see Bendis and Maleev team up again. Their work on Daredevil was always some of my favorite so coming into this story felt like coming home to a good meal.  And it should also be noted that for the most part I've been avoiding most Marvel books since Secret Invasion. I've always thought Skrulls were weak and I hated the idea. So between Secret Invasion and Dark Reign which I've both avoided like an STD I really knew nothing coming into this...

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It's Jessi B#tch!:Spider-Woman-Agent of S.W.O.R.D #1 0

I didn't actually read the comic.I have the motion comic version and I have to say it wasn't bad.I'm not to fond of the voice overs though.I couldn't tell if Jessica has a New York accent or a British Accent.It sounded like both lol.Anyway,in this comic we see the beginning of Jessica's affiliation with S.W.O.R.D.Agent Brand blames herself for what happened to her with the whole Secret Invasion and Queen Veranke thing and offers her a job at S.W.O.R.D.I believe she is in bed when Spider-Man come...

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