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Brief History

Spider-Man was asked to be a sponsor of a car company called Carter and Lombado. Spider-Man accepted but the company asked Spider-Man for his own car. The Human Torch helped Spider-Man to build the car. The Spider-Mobile can spin webs and has a built in Spider-Signal. Spider-Man used the Spider-Mobile against Hammerhead and Mysterio, but was tricked by Mysterio into driving it off a pier. After wrecking it it was rebuilt and modified by the Tinkerer to drive along walls and used against Spider-Man who prombtly thrashed it and returned it to Carter and Lobado. The car would not be seen for many years until the Amazing Spider-Man #600 was published, where the Spider-Mobile appeared standing in a museum, where it was being mocked by kids.


The Spider-Mobile was created in the comics perhaps because of the Spider-Mobile toy that was made. Many action figures based on comicbook characters get their own vehicles and other add-ons, even if those things never appeared in the comics themselves. Perhaps it was done so that

Other Versions

Old Man Logan

Spider-Mobile in Old Man Logan

In this alternate future story the Spider-mobile was owned by Hawkeye and served as transport for him and Wolverine throughout most of the series. The car had been target of some heavy modifications by Hawkeye.

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